Need a payday loan in Edmonton? We can help. We help find and compare local payday loan companies in Edmonton to help you find the perfect company for your needs. Here’s what we do.

  1. Collect information on local payday loan companies in Edmonton
  2. Take your information ( Amount you need to borrow, payback period, etc)
  3. Match you with the company that meets your needs best

Not all Cash advance/ Payday loan companies are good; some overcharge, some have demanding payback periods, etc.

We do our best to find the highest quality providers so you don’t have to research every single company.

Best Payday Loans Edmonton

Want to get the best payday loan? Here’s what we recommend doing:

  1. Compare as many loan companies you can. We make comparing and applying for loans easy, so do it! Interest rates and loan length can vary dramatically between companies. To get the best deal we recommend at least applying for 3-4 loans and see what they offer. You can even email companies asking if they have deals available.
  2. Make sure your credit score is accurate. Your credit score will affect your ability to borrow money, especially the amount and your interest rate. It’s not uncommon for credit agencies to have mistakes in your credit report. We recommend having a credit check done to make sure everything is in order. Some small fixes in your credit score can save you big money in the long run.
  3. Avoid payday loans if you can! We know this advice may seem counter intuitive since you want to get a loan, but we recommend trying your bank or a credit union. Payday loans are fairly quick and easy to get but the interest rates are generally higher then what a bank would offer you. You should only apply for a payday loan if your other options have been exhausted.